A more powerful European Parliament, a more accountable European Commission, and a stronger voice for Europe’s regions.

Europe’s languages represented, gender equality in the institutions, and the special needs of each region recognised.

Our values

Since the last European elections in 2019, there have been huge developments that have impacted the life of every European: a global pandemic, the Brexit, or Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.  

In each case, the response was at least partly a European one. European-level solutions are the appropriate response to global challenges. But every part of Europe has its own unique needs, and a centralising Union will be doomed to fail both in understanding and providing for the needs of its citizens. For EFA, democracy and decentralisation must go hand in hand.

For now, the EU’s own democracy is incomplete. Is the EU a real union of its citizens, or merely a club of states? Europe’s citizens and peoples are finding their voice, and they demand to be heard. In June 2024 they have an opportunity to raise that voice.

We want to see a strong, decisive and effective Union. One which focuses on the powers that deliver a better Europe, which generates added value, and which is built from the bottom up. That is what EFA stands for: a political model that truly reflects its peoples and their interests. One that can give them representation, empowerment and hope.

We want a Europe that works for all.