EFA will be the voice of Europe’s diversity in the European Parliament

The European Free Alliance will continue to be the voice of Europe’s diversity in the European Parliament. Following the European elections, our MEPs they will keep striving for a more democratic and diverse Europe from their place in the European Parliament. From EFA, we want to thank everyone that joined us during this campaign, amplifying our message and making it reach every corner of the continent.

EFA’s elected MEPs will work for all of you, for all the voices of the unheard. For those who were kept out from getting representation due to unfair political barriers, like DEB Partisi, our party from Western Thrace. We want to congratulate them for the amazing results that they got, winning first place again in the constituencies of Rhodope and Xanthi. They will also work for those that who could not stand for elections due to unfair situations, such as the parties affected by the last-minute electoral change in Italy, or the parties that are not recognized by their state, like our member OMO-Ilinden Pirin representing the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria.

The overall results in Europe show a worrying shift towards the far-right. We will continue raising our voices against the forces that want to undermine democracy. We will always be on the side of those who want to go further with Europe integration and to build a Europe that works, truly, for all.